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Guli Mask

Guli Mask



As a child, Andrea lived in Nigeria for several years. Her grandmother came to Lagos to visit the family & was enthralled by the local culture. She brought back a Guli mask
that she used to create this print.

In Africa, Guli masks are used in rituals designed to cleanse for
renewal & protection.

Product Details:

Contents: Clay Coated Paper

Width: 27"wide trimmed, ships 30" untrimmed

Repeat: 27"H x 44"V

Order increments: 5 yard minimum; sold by the linear yard; ships in continuous yardage up to 70 yards

Stock: Made to order; CFAs not available

Lead Time: Approximately 4-6 weeks for production from receipt of all completed order details and payment in full.

Printed in the United States

All sales final.

For pricing and order inquiries, please contact our studio at

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